Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ban of Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF)!

In 2008, a number of consumers in some countries such as France, Finland, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom were exposed to products containing DMF and experienced health problems such as skin itching, irritation, redness, burns and acute respiratory difficulties. An EU wide ban on the use of DMF in all consumer goods is designed to eliminate the chronic health risks and in particular the allergic reactions suffered by some consumers when they are exposed to this substance.

Existing Rules
DMF is already banned for use in the manufacture of goods in the EU, since biocidal products containing DMF are not authorised under the Biocides Directive (98/8/EC). However, manufacturers outside the EU may use these unauthorised biocides and then export their products to the EU.

The Actions
In December 2008, France adopted a decree banning the importation and placing on the market of seating and footwear containing DMF for 1 year. The French Decree also requires the recall of all seating and footwear which visibly contains, or the packaging of which visibly contains, DMF. In January2009, Belgium issued a Decree to ban all articles containing DMF on the market. Spain is considering introducing a measure.

Scope: Consumer Product
Regulation: To be finalized

Scope: Articles and Products
Regulation: Minister for Public health and the Minister for Consumer Protection, Ministerial Decree concerning the prohibition of placing articles and products containing DMF on the market
(Belgian Official Journal, 12 January2009)

Scope: Seating and Footwear (for 1 year)
Regulation: Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment, Decree of 4 December 2008
suspending the placing on the market of seats and footwear containing DMF from the Market
(French Official Journal, Text 17 of 108 , 10 December 2008)

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