Sunday, December 14, 2008

New US Regulation CPSIA - Part 2 (Lead)

Under the Consumer Product safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, new chemical substance requirements were enacted on 14 August, 2008. Lead containing paint and lead in substrates are banned in all children's products in order to prevent children from being poisoned from eating or licking any lead-containing products.

Lead ban (Sec. 101): __________________________________________________

A. Total substrate of products for children up to age 12
<=600ppm (Effective date on 10 Feb,2009)
<= 300ppm (Effective date on 14 Aug,2009)
<= 100ppm (Effective date on 14 Aug,2011)

B. Lead in Paint / Surface Coating
<= 600ppm (Crrent)
<= 90ppm (Effective date on 14 Aug, 2009)

1. Total substance excludes any component part of a children's product that is not accessible to be a child through normal and reasonably foreseeable use and abuse of such product.
2. Reasonably foreseeable use and abuse is including, swallowing, breaking, mouthing, or other children's activities, and the aging of the product.
3. Paint, coating or electroplating are not barriers to be the substrate being inaccessible as these substances will peal off or ageing from the total substrate.

For more understanding about Lead poisoning:

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